Pres-T-Con 2021 Ltd has been involved in the construction of over 180 Bridges through out Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean.

Bridge Units
Short span bridge units for HA or A.A.S.H.T.O. loading on spans up to 25 ft. are handled with:

(a) Prestressed Double Tee Channel Units. Normal bearing length is 1’-0”. The channel has a top slab thickness of 3” and are produced in the Double Tee form. Transverse shear is transmitted through heavy Channel weld plates.

(b) 8” to 12” thick Bridge Deck Slabs which have shear keys and side weld plates to transmit transverse shear. Medium span units from 25 feet to 50 feet are standard A.A.S.H.T.O. Channel Units 36” x 26” deep. Longer span units from 50 to 100 feet are A.A.S.H.T.O. Type III or Type IV Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girders. These are often used with precast/prestressed deck slabs and a composite concrete deck cast in place.

Some of our major clients in bridge construction are:

  1. AMOCO Trinidad Oil Co.
  2. Eastern Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited
  3. Home Construction Co. Ltd.
  4. Hydro Agri. (Federation Chemicals Ltd.)
  5. IADB Rural Access Roads & Bridges
  6. Ministry of Education
  7. Ministry of Local Government
  8. Ministry of Works & Transportation
  9. Ministry of Works, Barbados
  10. Ministry of Works, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
  11. National Flour Mills Ltd.
  12. National Secondary Roads Development Co. Ltd.
  13. Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Co. Ltd.
  14. San Fernando Development
  15. Santa Rosa Race Track
  16. Solid Waste Management Co. Ltd.
  17. Sanger Grande Regional Corporation
  18. San Juan Laventille Regional Corporation
  19. Tesoro Gil Co.
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